The company vision of “a city filled with gardens” is the perfect expression of the owners’ thinking and approach, and their staff and partners are working steadily on implementing that concept. We are convinced that good intentions are not enough: you have to act to make the environment friendlier, healthier and greener. We contribute to our partners’ efforts to create a green environment by offering individual products and custom-tailored services.

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DIADEM® develops, manufactures and markets green roof systems and ancillary products as well as DiaSafe® safety systems.

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Green roof

Green roofs and green gardens create a human value in which the flora and fauna get a whole new living space, which has a positive effect on health and well-being. These green surfaces provide recharging and relaxation directly in the living environment, but they also have significant ecological and economic significance. Important ecological advantages of green surfaces include the retention of rainwater, the relief of the sewerage network, the maintenance of the natural water cycle, the improvement of the microclimate, and the provision of the ability to absorb harmful substances. The ecological benefits are also realized in economic benefits, among other things in the reduction of sewerage fee costs, in the increase of the quality standard of the living space, in the increase of the thermal insulation capacity, thus in the energy saving.


Security systems

A safe working environment must be created for all persons working at heights, including protection from falling from a height. It is the responsibility of the employer and / or the owner or operator of the building to provide this protection during work. Architects must also take this safety requirement into account when designing. All DiaSafe® systems comply with the latest relevant European Union standards and regulations.


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