About us

Facts and Data

APP Kft.

  • We are present in every country of Europe, with 30 employees.
  • DIADEM®: We are present in every country of Europe, with 30 employees.; DiaSafe®: Safety technology, individual and collective fall protection
  • Sites: seat – Győr – NW Hungary, along the Budapest-Vienna axis, in the Bratislava-Vienna-Győr triangle; manufacture: site near Győr; product development: separate experiment premises
  • At the service of urban gardening for more than 20 years
  • Total turnover exceeding HUF 3 bn over the past three years

Product and quality

  • We focus on customer needs
  • Our plastic products are made of recycled materials, to protect the environment
  • Product quality guaranteed by our quality management system (ISO9001, KIR14001)
  • Professionalism ensured by the highly qualified and committedt DIADEM® team
  • Current and new products introduced to our partners at quality training events and seminars
  • A wide range of unique products awaiting the customer

Research and development

  • Our product development and the introduction of new technologies give priority to environmentally friendly products and technology and to durability
  • Developments are meant to help implement our vision
  • Our products and technology are protected by international patents